Gallery Established in Honor of Mother

Southview Hospital dedicated the Hae Kim Gallery in the hospital's northwest hallway on Thursday, July 12.
Kee Hee Lee, a Washington Twp. Resident and owner of Wind Fine Art Gallery on State Route 48, donated pieces for the gallery in honor of her mother, Hae Kim, who passed away on June 1, 2007.
Lee has already given seven pieces of artwork to the hospital. She presented two additional large pieces of artwork at the dedication ceremony.
"My mother was a very loving and caring person, and she always like to give things to people, so I think the gallery would make her very happy," Lee said. "She reasied all my children when I was working, so I decided to pick pieces that featured children, joy, kindness, hope and cheer - artwork that would sum up the kind of person she was."
Lee added that the hallway has room for another 10-15 pieces, and each year she plans to donate 2-3 works that add to the theme until the gallery is filled.
"My mother was from Korea and did not speak much English, so she had to use body language when communicating with the nurses," Lee said. "The staff was extremely compassionate and kind, and they gave her very special care while she was there. I wanted to thank them for making my mother's final days very comfortable."
The dedication ceremony coincided with the 18th birthday of Lee's son, Christopher S. Wu, who graduated from Centerville High School last month and will attend UCLA this fall. Lee said Christopher was very close with his grandmother. She wants to teach him the value of giving back to his community, and Kee Hee can think of no greater celebration to offer her son for his 18th birthday.
"We have known for a long time that it is both our staff and our community that makes Southview Hospital a special place, and the Hae Kim Gallery is really a reflection of both," said Greg Henderson, Senior Executive Officer for Southview. "I hope this beautiful art will remind our staff of what a difference they make, and I hope it reminds those who knew Hae Kim of her caring legacy and the wonderful daughter who made this happen."

Southview Hospital dedicated the Hae Kim Gallery on Thursday, July 12. Left to right are Greg Henderson, Senior Executive Officer for Southview Hospital; Kee Hee Lee, Owner of Wind Fine Art Gallery and daughter of Hae Kim; Christopher Wu, grandson of Hae Kim; and Centerville City Manager Greg Horn. The are standing in front of a sign and portrait that notify hospital visitors of the new gallery.